The TR5000 was introduced as an ehanced alternative to EUROBASE.
This compact 3u unit has been designed to operate with Motorola Professional Series and the latest Commercial Series Mobiles, as well as previous models.

The TR5000 is extremely durable and, using the unique fast easy drop-in assembly method, can be fully installed in 10 minutes, just drop in your mobiles and optional duplexer and filters and the system is ready to go.
Versatility means that radios can be front mounted or fully enclosed for added protection (tamper proof).

The T5000 is capable of running high powered 45 watt transmitter units continously.
This is due to the transmitter bay being cooled by an intelligent fan, situated directly behind the TX radio, ensuring a safe operating temperature, even when permanently keyed, making the unit extremely suitable for use in hot climates and reducing noise and wear.

The T5000 allows for a single processor controlled "plug in" card to be installed from the front, enabling replacementand ajustment to be carried out without removing any covers or assemblies
Reapeater Enable, Set-up/Knock-Down, can be controlled remotely or via front panel switches, which can be disabled to prevent unauthorised operation. Repeater control ciruitry monitors power supply output and battery voltage and upon failure or low battery voltage causes an "over air" alarm to be sent.
All TR500 connections are via rear mounted connectors.
Line connection.
Mains input IEC Connector
Battery Connection - high cuurent connector reducing risk of shorting out battery connections when the unit is connected or disconnected.
Accessory connector- for connection of external equipment e.g. Phone Patch, LTU, Trunking Controllers etc.
General Specification
Case Material: 1.5mm Zintec Steel
Wall Mounting Brackets: 3.0mm mild steel
Finish: Black Epoxy
Rack Mount: 19 inch Rack Mounting
Enclosure Dimensions: 3u x 435 x 360
Ventalation: Internal 80mm Intelligent fan
The TR5000 Can Be Custimised To Order
Power Supply
Universal Input Voltage: 85-265v AC
Output Voltage: 13.8v DC @11.8A
Ventilation: Ventilated and Fan Assisted
Approvals: EMC, CE and LVD
"Over Air Alarms" 1. Mains Fail
2.Low Battery Voltage.
Optional Battery Facilities: Battery charging/Revert
circuitry installed.
Available Soon Line Signalling Unit TRC/Simoco
What Makes The TR5000 So Different
Single processor controlled "plug in" card installed at the front for easy access. Versatility-you can install all Motorola mobiles.
Fast easy drop in assembly Rack or wall mounting.
Capable of running 45 watt transmitters continuously and charging an external battery. Safe operating temperatures, even when on continuous duty cycle.
Repeater control circuitry monitors power supply and external battery voltage. Other optional interfaces (available soon) fit into universal front housing.
2 Year warranty on Enclosure, PSU and Interfaces Front panels in attractive anodised grained aluminium.