The "HYDRA" is a unique product. Designed by CDT to allow the interfacing of up to four control heads into one Motorola Professional series or TETRA MTM700 mobile.

This makes it ideal for use in control room situations allowing access to a single radio from up to four locations, again in an emergency vehicle allowing both the driver and attendant, or pump operator on a fire appliance, full access to all the radio functions.
Each control head has full functionality, including individual volume adjustment on each head (adjustment on one head does not alter adjustment on other heads).

Both the transceiver and control heads are standard Motorola units, they are not modified allowing you to replace these items from stock if required.

The mobile and interface electronics are housed in a custom designed enclosure, each control head connected to the enclosure using an RJ45 cable and connector.

Custom designed enclosures can be supplied to suit client's individual requirements. If more control heads are required then larger units could be supplied.

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